Loddon Cars believes that to provide the best possible service to its customers is to use the latest technology. To this end we have deployed a number of ways to book a vehicle. The first is to use E-Booking which avoids e-mails and books directly into our dispatch software with the added bonus of fully managing the booking and tracking the vehicle. The second method is currently through the iPhone and Android Apps. Again, you can fully manage the booking as well as track the vehicle. If you so wish you can receive automatic updates on the whereabouts of the vehicle. Thirdly, a customer can book through the Integrated Voice Response (IVR) system which, with a few key presses, you can book the vehicle straight into our dispatch software. If this is not enough then you have the option of e-mailing, completing an online booking form or just simply calling us.

With all of this technology in place we are able to offer a pick-up time of less than 15 minutes (during non-peak times) for the majority of journeys. In addition, when a driver arrives at their pickup address they simply press a button to inform the client of their arrival (providing the make, model and colour of vehicle).

Loddon Cars is a heavy investor in technology and to add to its latest venture we have introduced a text feedback system at the end of every journey. This allows us to respond within 24 hours and resolve any issues very quickly. This has allowed us to improve our service in areas where it may have failed in the past. Currently (April-May 2013) we have received 95% positive feedback and we are looking to improve this even further.

Every vehicle at Loddon Cars is fitted with a PDA that has GPS built into it. The advantage of this is to be able to track the vehicle at any time. This provides added security for our passengers as well as the drivers.

The GPS system is also used to indicate to the office of the vehicle’s whereabouts so that we can inform our customers of how long a vehicle will be before it reaches its pick-up location. This technology also informs the office of the route a driver has taken as well its speed throughout the journey. GPS is a key to our success and it enables us to send the closest driver to the pick-up location thus reducing waiting times.