Many taxi companies are now embracing the numerous different ways we can use technology to book a ride. Here at Loddon Cars, whilst still embracing the 'old fashioned' way of walking up and requesting a taxi, we also provide options such as phone, online, and even a mobile taxi app.

So why should you use our mobile app to book your taxi, what are the top advantages of this method?

Reasons Why You Should Use Our Mobile Taxi App

  • Convenience. In our 21st century society, almost everyone has a Smartphone in their pocket. For many of us, it would feel weird to leave home without it; some people even carry multiple phones in order to get the best use out of their mobile apps.
So with this in mind, we have created a mobile taxi app to provide our customers with a much more convenient taxi service.Instead of needing to walk to a taxi rank and wait outside, you can book your taxi via our app and wait for it to arrive thanks to the GPS tracking. Just think, Halloween is nearly here so in a few weeks it will be winter. Do you really want to queue up outside in the freezing cold waiting for your taxi? The much smarter option is to wait where it's warm, tracking your taxi by GPS.

Additionally, adding onto the convenience, with other booking methods, you're limited to paying by cash. However, whilst many people still prefer to pay for things with cash, the convenience of paying by card is undeniable. If you're looking for a taxi after a night out, paying by card is a much better option,after all do you want to be carrying extra cash around to pay for your taxi? With the Loddon Cars taxi app you can do just that, we accept payment with both credit and debit cards.

  • Security. We understand that as our society becomes more and more focused on the digital,the importance of digital security will increase. Here at Loddon Cars, we fully understand any data or privacy concerns you may have and would like to state that we take your privacy very seriously. Whilst we cannot speak for other taxi companies, our Android and Iphone app includes two extremely valuable security and privacy features.
Firstly, your phone number is hidden. If for any reason you need to contact your driver or they need to contact you, the driver will never know your phone number; this information is kept private. Secondly, we've all been in the position where were looking out at the road looking for a car that matches the description we've been given, struggling to find the taxi. So, to help and provide you with additional peace of mind, you'll be able to see images and information about your driver before you are picked up.

Also with regards to the safety of the vehicle itself; in the event of a breakdown, our drivers are either members of the AA or RAC. This includes roadside assistance and onward travel cover.

  • A Fixed Price. The convenience of mobile taxi apps cannot be disputed; as such it's no surprise that lots of ride sharing app businesses have risen in the past few years, for example Uber. However, there are many major disadvantages with using ride sharing apps, perhaps one of the biggest is the uncertainty regarding the price.

Ride sharing apps use a surge pricing system, this means that the more people using the app, the more your ride will cost. Uber explains this as “The current demand for rides in the area"; this means that if you go out on the weekend and you need a taxi ride home, whilst many think an Uber will be cheaper, the surge pricing can cause the ride to be significantly more expensive than a taxi.

However, with Loddon Cars you don't have to worry about how much a taxi will cost. We use a flat and competitive 24/7 rate, so you can have peace of mind when you book your taxi. Additionally, here at Loddon Cars, our app is specifically designed for use in the Berkshire area, making it the much better option for locals. Our drivers are experts of navigating the local area, they are constantly aware of where they need to go and can take appropriate re-routes or alterations to the journey in order to avoid/minimise disruptions to your journey from issues such as traffic or road works, providing you with a high quality travel experience that meets or exceeds your expectations.Additionally, unlike Uber and other ride sharing apps, you can enjoy riding in a luxurious vehicle that is no more than 10 years old. For example our fleet includes cars such as an Audi A6, BMW 5 Series, and Honda Accord Additionally VIP clients can request cars such as the BMW7 series or the Audi A8.

Download The Loddon Cars App And Book Your Taxi In Berkshire Today

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