There are lots of different opportunities for getting a ride home including private taxi hire from a local Reading taxi company and using a ride share app such as Uber. However, why should you to use a local taxi service? What are the advantages compared to using a ride share app?

5 Reasons Why You Should Travel Using A Local Taxi Company Instead Of Rideshare

  1. The Experience Of The Driver
    If you’re organising a lift in an area you’re not familiar with, the skills and experience of a local taxi driver can be very helpful. A driver using a ride share app might be limited to directions from their GPS which means that they may be stuck in traffic and not know any alternative routes, however a local driver will be knowledgeable of the local area and know of any alternative routes in the case of traffic or road works.

  2. Lack Of Surcharges
    Some ride sharing apps operate on supply-and-demand principles which means that additional charges apply to rides when there are more riders searching for a ride. This means that you could be paying significantly more for the same journey, whereas if the individual chose to use a private taxi service, they might receive a cheaper ride.

  3. Ride Share Apps Use Automated Systems
    Automated systems and algorithms make the decision regarding how much the trip will cost and what route the driver will take. Additionally, as individuals are often charged for how long the ride takes, routes may be significantly more expensive in periods of slow driving. However, some private taxi companies operate with flat fares, for example here at Loddon Cars, we operate with a flat competitive 24/7 rate, providing you with peace of mind and a relaxing journey.

  4. Many Private Taxi Companies Have Their Own Apps
    In previous years, the advantages of ride sharing apps was that you could quickly and easily arrange for a ride without needing to speak to anyone with just a few clicks on your Smartphone. However, nowadays, many taxi companies (including Loddon Cars) have their own apps for booking a taxi. This means that you can enjoy the quality of service you receive from a private taxi business, alongside the convenience of booking via a Smartphone app. Additionally, if you use the Loddon Cars taxi app, you’ll be able to securely pay with your credit or debit card. Also, our app will also enable you to save time when organising your lift, as you’ll receive up-to-date notifications on the taxi’s estimated time of arrival.

  5. Taxi Businesses Have Access To A Large Fleet
    At Loddon Cars, we have a very large fleet; containing over a hundred vehicles. This impressive fleet includes a wide variety of differently sized vehicles including minivans and 6-seat vehicles. This provides us with the ability to provide professional high quality taxi services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So if you need transportation, make Loddon Cars your first choice, you can book your ride via app, phone call, or in person.

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If you need a taxi in reading, we can provide quick, comfortable, and reliable taxi services.

If you’re visiting the area and you need transportation to your hotel, if you’re enjoying a night out and you need a ride home, or if you need to organise travel for you and some friends for an event, the Loddon Cars team of highly skilled taxi drivers and call handlers can help.

In addition to our app, you can also visit our team at our office and book a taxi “the old-fashioned way”, or you could book a taxi online, or you could call our team to arrange your taxi hire.

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