Reading is one of the fastest growing places in the UK; its relative closeness to London, Heathrow Airport and the rail and motorway networks has seen its population base expand greatly throughout the last couple of decades. With a growth in population comes new opportunities for business and the need to provide leisure and retail facilities – essentially all things that may require a Reading taxis service.

Here at Loddon Cars, we are a Reading taxi company with many years of experience in providing this growing population with means to get from A-to-B. With many things to see and do in the town; whether for leisure or work, getting around can often mean long waiting times in both traffic and public transport queues.Why go through the stress of driving or taking public transport yourself, when a professional, competitively priced taxi service can get you there just as quickly/possibly quicker?

A Growing Town: Outlining The Need For Reading Taxis

With high rental rates in London, people and businesses alike are increasingly looking beyond the capital's boundaries for new places to live and work. Reading is one such place that provides that haven – partially explaining the population growth. With the new Crossrail service set to open in 2019, this will provide anew, faster pathway to and from Reading, further giving new opportunities for the local economy to grow.

As a result, expect to see many new business, residential and leisure developments to be happening in-and-around the town centre in the coming years. Late last year, Get Reading outlined seven key projects that are set to take place in 2018, giving a further boost to the population. With an increase of residents,it's inevitable that the usage of Reading taxis will also grow – getting people direct to their destinations, there's nothing like the comfort and reliability of a private hire taxi.

Why Should I Hire A Reading Taxi Company?

If you're looking to get out-and-about in Reading, why not allow Loddon Cars to help you to your destination? With so much to see and do in this ever-growing town, a taxi service can eliminate the over-reliance on public transport and the stresses and strains that come with it. Here are some great benefits of hiring a taxi:

  • A taxi can get you DIRECT to your destination; no reliance on timetables or public transport that doesn't take you exactly where you need to go.
  • That means a taxi can save you PLENTY of travel time. How long do you spend waiting for a train or bus? What if they're late? Not running? What if the traffic is bad? A Reading taxis service can account for this particular issue with..
  • ....state-of-the-art satellite navigation systems. Modern taxis take advantage of sat-nav systems that allow drivers to calculate the best route to your destination and even to account for any traffic issues, rerouting in order to get you there on time.
  • One of the best benefits of hiring a taxi is that it allows you to relax in comfort. How many times have you caught a train or bus that saw you have to stand up? Our guess is loads.
  • Then there's the cost – dependent on the journey you make, private taxi hire offers better value for money. With constant rising prices and still no new seats, the cost of using public transport isn't likely to offer good value, compared to your own private transport.
  • Booking a taxi has never been so easy. Many forward-thinking companies have produced smartphone apps that allow customers to quickly and easily order their taxi. No more hanging on the telephone, no more being told it 'will be there in a few minutes'. With a taxi app, a customer can book,pay and monitor their taxi with the ease that the modern world should be presenting us with.

Why Choose Loddon Cars For Private Taxi Hire?

Regardless if you need your Reading taxis service for the odd lift to work or for a night out on the town, as a regular arrangement for any shopping trips or important business needs, then here at Loddon Cars we can ensure that our team of experienced staff are able to deliver the utmost professional service.

With a fleet of over a hundred vehicles, our team of friendly drivers are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our private hire taxis are installed with sat-nav and air conditioning as standard and what's more, they are able to transport a wide array of passengers – with mini vans and 6-seat vehicles a tour disposal, we are able to get your group to and from your destination with no problems.

Booking a taxi from us had never been so easy; recently we have introduced our new taxi smartphone app that you can use to book your taxi, track its progress and even securely pay for it. All that's required of you, is just to relax and enjoy the journey! Why not check out our Reading taxis app on the Apple or Google Play stores?

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