Festival Audience

Being the height of summer at the moment, festival season is in full swing. Whether it's music, dance, art, food and drink, literary, historical or a mixture of everything, there's nothing like a festival to get groups of like-minded people together in an outdoor arena to enjoy themselves.

With Reading being home to one of the UK's best music festivals, the area will soon welcome visitors from all over the country, perhaps on their first visit. This is why in this blog, we're going to give you some tips on staying safe at the festival, including booking Reading taxis to get you around.

Reading Taxis – Getting You To The Festival Safely

Taking place from 24th–26th August, this year's Reading Festival will feature an eclectic mix of music from top artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Fall Out Boy and Kings of Leon. Taking place at Richfield Avenue, the festival site is located outside Reading town centre but is nevertheless well-catered for in regards to transport.

In terms of Reading taxis, the festival organisers advise that people pre-book their journeys to avoid the long queues that will undoubtedly build up. Hiring your own private hire taxi is a great way of getting from your location directly to the festival site. Whilst public transport is plentiful in the area, it will be busy and likely to take longer because of that fact. Then you may have stuff that you need to carry – a packed bus or coach isn't the best environment for you to be lumping your things about in.

With Reading taxis, you'll be able to avoid the queues, transport your stuff and get there quickly and safely. Furthermore, with taxi apps being commonplace these days, it's never been easier to pre-book your lift – so no there'll be worrying about getting a taxi to the festival, you can simply look forward to having a great time.

Tips on Staying Safe At The Festival

Staying safe is the foundation of having a great time, so aside from Reading taxis getting you there and back, here are some other quick tips on staying safe at the festival:

  • Only bring items that you can afford to lose. With so many people at a festival it can be easy to get het up in crowds, resulting in you losing stuff, perhaps even being stolen from. Don't bring anything with you that you can't bear to lose – particularly expensive gadgets are a common target for people with nefarious intentions, so it's always best to leave such items at home and only bring with you essential items that you can afford to lose. If you do bring such items regardless, ensure that they are kept on your person at all times and are secured in a pocket or a bag.
  • Always have your valuables with you. If you're camping at the festival, make sure you do not leave anything valuable in your tent when you leave it. Obviously, with you not being there, it gives anyone the opportunity to take your items – so be sure to keep them with you at all times. Also, ensure that your pockets and bags are securely locked too – large crowds can provide ample opportunity for pickpocketers.
  • Don't keep your cash and cards in one place. By splitting your cash, cards and valuables amongst as many pockets as you can, you will have plenty of backup options if you do lose anything.
  • Don't overdo your alcohol indulgence. Warm weather, great music and a nice drink fit together like the smoothest of jigsaws – just be sure you're able to remember how to fit them together! With the festival going on all day, it can be easy to become inebriated, which will leave you in a vulnerable state. Be sure to drink sensibly and slowly – subbing the odd pint for a bottle of water will help to keep your hydration levels up and prolong your day too.
  • Be aware of where you can find first aid and security. Whilst the vast majority of festival-goers will have a trouble-free visit, there are rare occasions when the festival's first aid and security teams are needed. Before your visit, be sure to know where the first aid and security points are located, just in case you need their help.

For safety tips applicable to this year's Reading Festival, check out their website for more information.

Book Your Festival Taxi With Loddon Cars

If you would like to pre-book your festival taxi, we have an app here at Loddon Cars that makes the process quick and easy. Available from the Apple and Google Play stores, you will be able to book, track and securely pay for your lift, saving you the bother of waiting in long queues. All that you'll need to do is to enjoy what the festival has to offer!

If you would like further information on our Reading taxis service, you can get in touch with us by calling 01189 321 321 or by using our contact form to e-mail us.

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