It will there be there in a few minutes" – A classic line uttered by many a Reading taxi company to the customer on the other end of the line. Of course, those 'few minutes', in truth could be anything from 'in a few moments' to a long period that would see the customer genuinely worrying if their cab will actually be turning up.

It shouldn't be like this; when booking their Reading taxi hire , the customer should be able to know exactly how long their taxi will be; they should be able to quickly and easily book it in the first place too. This is something that modern technology can help with. Thanks to the ongoing development of smartphones and their accompanying apps, customers have now got the ability to book a taxi quickly, easily – and can even track how long it will take for it to arrive.

So no more, 'it will be a few minutes'...

The Benefits of Using A Reading Taxi Hire App

Perhaps the main benefit of using a taxi app for both customers and the taxi companies is that it streamlines the process of booking a taxi, giving the customer the feeling that they're able to customise their journey. For the company, it will give them a better opportunity to organise their workload, further improving the service offered to their customers.

Here are the other benefits of using a taxi app if you're a customer:

  • Convenience –An app allows for the customer to hire a cab instantly, without having to leave the home. If you've arranged to visit somewhere or are at an event, you can get more out of your day by pre-booking your taxi; not spending time trying to get through on the phone and being told that 'no cabs are available'. Using a Reading taxi hire app simply allows for easy booking; gone are the times when someone had to telephone or to wait in a queue at the side of a road for their lift.

  • Ease of Use – The ease with which an app can be used, is best summed up by the customer being able to get live updates on the location of their cab and its approximate time of arrival. With many apps containing a cashless payment method, there will be no worries about the taxi fare too – all payments can be calculated and paid for prior to them embarking on their journey.

  • Guaranteed To Get To Your Destination – Regardless of how long or short your booked journey is, once accepted by the app, the company will be duty bound to take you there. It's not uncommon for drivers and companies to refuse to board a passenger based on the destination they're heading too; booking through an app soothes any worries that you may have that you won't be able to reach your destination.

With Smartphones and their apps being a constant presence in our modern lives, it's likely that as time goes on, using such things to get us from A-to-B will become standard practice. So don't be waiting around for your cab – download a taxi booking app today!

Loddon Cars Taxi App: Book Your Reading Cabs Today!

As an innovative and forward-thinking Reading taxi hire service here at Loddon Cars, we are delighted to unveil our taxi app that can be downloaded absolutely FREE from the Apple and Google Play stores. No matter the journey that you may have in mind; whether you're after a lift to/from the supermarket, or a luxury taxi for a special event or big night out, we will be on hand to serve any and all your requirements.

All you'll need to do is to download, install and register; then you'll be able to:

  • Make immediate or future bookings.
  • Create and manage your favourite addresses/locations.
  • Manage and view previous bookings.
  • Keep track of your taxi via GPS in real time with ETA.
  • Send us notification of your exact location with GPS.
  • Securely pay with credit/debit card.

Our app has been designed for use in the Berkshire area and all bookings that are made from it will be processed by our sophisticated database in real time, which allows us to dispatch a car as soon as one becomes available (usually within 15 minutes). Once booked, you won't need to contact us to check up on the ETA of your cab – as the app will, of course, be able to inform you via the GPS tracking option (as mentioned above).

Need More Information On Our Reading Cabs Service? Get In Touch With Us Today.

If you have any questions about our Reading taxi hire app, or on any aspect of our service, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our friendly customer support team today. You can call us on 01189 321 321 or to send us an enquiry via e-mail, fill out our contact form.

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