Technology has had a significant influence on the way we live our lives in the 21st century and arguably one of the biggest changes to society was the introduction of the Smartphone. Most of us are walking around with a powerful portable computer in our pockets, with all the advantages such powerful items of technology provide. Including the innovation or mobile taxi apps.

The Rise Of Mobile Taxi Apps

Many would argue that the invention of ride sharing apps such as Uber has changed the private transport hire industry forever. However, now many well known and reliable taxi businesses have created and released their own mobile apps enabling you to book a taxi on your Smartphone; combining the convenience of ride sharing apps, with the quality service and reliability from an established and reputable local business.

Additionally, whilst the convenience of a ride sharing app such as Uber cannot be denied, the ride sharing system does come with one significant disadvantage; the surge pricing system. So whilst it is a very convenient way to travel, if you use an Uber during popular times, such as at the weekend after a night out, your Uber ride could cost significantly more. However, many local taxi companies now offer their own mobile booking apps, alongside a flat competitive 24/7 rate, such as Loddon Cars.


Safety Concerns – Is A Mobile Taxi App Safe?

In our digital society, it's essential that everyone has a close eye on the data that they share with others, so we fully understand any and all hesitation before downloading anything on your phone. However, with regards to Loddon Cars, we take your privacy very seriously. Whilst we cannot speak for other taxi companies, our Android and Iphone app includes two extremely valuable security and privacy features.

Firstly, your phone number is hidden. We understand that sometimes you need to get in touch with the driver, or sometimes they need to contact you. In either of these events, the driver will never know your phone number; this information is kept private; providing you with peace of mind.

Secondly, we also understand that it can sometimes be difficult to identify the taxi you hired. We've all been in the position where were looking out at the road looking for a car that matches the description we've been given. So to provide you with more information and help you to feel safer in the knowledge that you are getting into the car you have hired, you'll be able to see images and information about your driver before you are picked up.

The Advantages Of GPS Tracking

One of the advantages of booking a taxi using an app is that thanks to GPS technology, you can track your taxi, knowing where it is and it's ETA. After all, summer is soon coming to an end and before we know it, it'll be a autumn and then soon winter. When the weather gets colder, you don't want to be caught outside in the cold waiting for your taxi; instead you can track your taxi and keep warm until you're ready to go.

However, here at Loddon Cars our drivers aren't 'chained to their GPS'. We employ experienced local drivers who know the local area; as such they are able to utilise alternative routes in the event of traffic, road works, or other incidents on the road.

So Why Choose Loddon Cars?

With the advantages of taxi apps clear to see, why should you choose Loddon Cars over our competitors?

Well here at Loddon Cars, we can provide a wide range of different payment methods, including both cash and card. We also have a wide range of different booking methods, you use our Smartphone booking app, you can book your taxi online, you could give our team a call, or you could visit our team at our office and book a taxi 'the old-fashioned way'.

We also have a large fleet with over a hundred vehicles. This impressive fleet has lots of different styles of cars to choose from, including minivans and 6-seat vehicles; providing us with the flexibility to provide our taxi services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So if you need transportation, make Loddon Cars your first choice.

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