Want to plan a day out with friends, family, or your partner this May? Here's a list of things to do in the Reading area to give you some food for thought.

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Searching For Things To Do In Reading This May?

1. Browse Through The Pristine Castle And Grounds At Highclere Castle
This elaborate castle is the set of Downton Abbey, making it almost a site of pilgrimage for fans of the television show all over the world. However, for those we are not interested in period drama and instead prefer the plethora of reality TV available on the small screen, this site might still be recognisable as it was also the venue of Peter Andre and Katie Price's wedding.

As the castle is a 40 minute drive from out of the town, why not start your experience of the high life earlier with a VIP taxi service. Our VIP fleet includes luxurious and elegant vehicles such as the flagship of the BMW range, the 7 SERIES or the luxurious Audi A8 equipped with a Bose sound system and powered by reliable German engineering; providing you with not just a transportation service, but an experience to remember.

2. See the Bayeux Tapestry at Reading Museum
Whilst not the original Bayeux Tapestry, being a replica produced in the Victorian period, this embroidered 70m comic strip about a medieval battle is stunning. The comic strip starts with a panel of a Harold being sent to Normandy by Edward the Confessor. The comic ends with un-armoured English troops fleeing during battle of Hastings and whilst the last part of the original tapestry is missing it is believed that there was only one additional scene remaining.

The original is believed to have been commissioned by the House of Normandy, however what is interesting about the piece is that whilst it does depict a Norman viewpoint, Harold and his soldiers are not belittled and are instead shown as brave. This leads many scholars to suggest that the tapestry may be an apologia for the conquest.

The original tapestry is on display at Bayeux Museum, so if you can't make it to Bayeux, but you would like to see the incredible near 70 metres of embroidery; Reading Museum and its Victorian replica provides a great alternative.

3. Visit The Abbey Ruins
The ruins of the Reading Abbey which was founded in 1121 by Henry I is unfortunately in a disused condition. However, the premises are Grade I listed and you are still able to enter the shell of the former chapter house.

The site is of immense historical importance. Like all monasteries across the Isles of Britain and Ireland, it was suppressed during the 1538 Dissolution of the Monasteries by Henry VIII. Additionally, it's where Abbot Hugh Cook Faringdon, the last abbot of Reading Abbey was hung, drawn, and quartered after being accused of high treason. In 1895 he was declared a martyr of the Catholic Church and beatified by the Pope Leo XIII, making the Abbey Ruins a site of pilgrimage for many Catholics.

Whilst his feast day isn't until later this year (the 15th November), by visiting during the summer, you'll get to experience the beauty of the site in the spring/summer glow. After all, you wouldn't want your trip to be ruined by poor winter weather.

4. Experience The Thrill Of The Races At Newbury Racecourse
For those who find Ascot a bit 'too much', Newbury Racecourse is a great choice. Being a well regarded course in the racing world, this venue offers reasonably priced tickets, making it fun for the whole family; some tickets are less than £20. However, the fun doesn't stop there, if you visit on Ladies' Day, there's also often a musical performance for spectators to enjoy.

5. See The Most Intact Roman Defences In The UK, Silchester
Built in the late 1st century and abandoned between the 5 th and 7th centuries, the ruins of the Roman city Silchester are claimed to be the most intact Roman defences in the UK.

History lovers will be able to marvel at the polygon walls of the city, gazing upon the beautiful spring that once fed the Roman baths trickling into Silchester Brook. Additionally, the remains of the city's amphitheatre are still visible, however showing their old age, they have been taken over by trees and undergrowth, creating an interesting display of history and nature.

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