Many would argue that the ride sharing app Uber changed the transport world forever when it comes to hiring a taxi.

Booking your taxi using a mobile taxi app provides you with peace of mind and convenience, all without needing to pre-book or speak to an operator over the phone.

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Taxi With A Taxi App

  • Track Your Taxi With GPS
One of the advantages of booking a taxi using an app is that thanks to GPS technology, you can track your taxi, knowing where it is and it's ETA. Indeed, thanks to tech such as Smartphones, the days of calling a taxi company to ask where your taxi is are gone. Instead, you can have peace of mind in the knowledge that your taxi is on its way.

After all, the summer months have been and gone, autumn has begun and in a few weeks it will be winter. When the weather gets colder, you don't want to be caught outside in the cold waiting for your taxi; instead you can track your taxi and keep warm until you're ready to go.

  • The Option To Pay Via Card

Whilst many people still prefer to pay for things with cash, the convenience of paying by card is undeniable. After all, at the end of a night out at local bars and clubs, do you want to be carrying extra cash around to pay for your taxi? Or would it instead be much easier to book a taxi via an app and pay using your debit card or credit card?

  • Quickly Make A Booking – Both Immediate And Future Journeys

Sometimes when you go out with friends or family, either to a bar or an event, it can be difficult to guess what time you’ll want to leave and go home. After all, you don’t want to over-estimate how much time you plan on spending at a particular event only to wait around for an hour or two until your taxi arrives, or alternatively have to leave the event early because you under-estimated how long you would want to spend there.

Instead, with our mobile taxi app you’ll be able to confidently book your taxi travel from your phone when you’re ready to go home, without needing to call an operator to book your taxi. Instead you will be able to send us your exact location using the app; then you’ll be able to track the taxi using GPS as it makes its journey to pick you up.

  • Create A List Of Your Favourite Destinations

In order to provide you with a more convenient way to call a taxi, our app allows you to save your favourite destinations in an easy to access list. So if you need to get home after a night out or if you need to make sure your friend gets home safely, organising a taxi is as easy as a few taps on your phone.

  • Requests Are Processed In Real Time
If you book for an immediate pickup to travel to your destination as soon as possible, we understand you don’t want to be left waiting wondering where your taxi is. That’s why in addition to providing GPS tracking services, taxi requests sent via our iPhone or Android app are processed in real time. This means that a taxi will be dispatched as soon as one is available; which is usually within 15 minutes.

What About Ridesharing Apps Like Uber? Why Should You Use A Mobile Taxi App Instead?

One of the major disadvantages with using a ridesharing app such as Uber to travel is the surge pricing system. During popular times your Uber ride could cost significantly more. However, if you decide to book your taxi with Loddon Cars you can enjoy peace of mind thanks to our flat competitive 24/7 rate.

Also, it’s worth noting that as our app is specifically designed for use in the Berkshire area, our drivers are experts of navigating the local area. They are constantly aware of where they need to go and can take appropriate re-routes or alterations to the journey in order to avoid/minimise disruptions to your journey from issues such as traffic or road works, providing you with a high quality travel experience that meets or exceeds your expectations. Also, if you decide to book a taxi with Loddon Cars instead of deciding to call and Uber, you can enjoy peace of mind as our drivers are high-trained and very experienced.

Additionally, with ridesharing apps, many drivers will use their own cars; however with Loddon Cars you can enjoy riding in a luxurious vehicle that is no more than 10 years old. For example our fleet includes cars such as an Audi A6, BMW 5 Series, and Honda Accord Additionally VIP clients can request cars such as the BMW7 series or the Audi A8. Also for your peace of mind, it’s important to note that in the event of a breakdown, our drivers are either members of the AA or RAC. This includes roadside assistance and onward travel cover.

Comfortable And Relaxing Taxis In Reading – Loddon Cars

In an age of Smartphones where it appears almost everything from groceries to hotel rooms can be organised through a mobile app, why should booking a taxi be any different?

The Loddon Cars mobile taxi app is the ideal way to book a taxi and organise your travel needs day or night in the Berkshire area.

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