Social Functions

If you’re attending any party or special event, then you would obviously want it to be a memorable occasion. You would want to arrive and be able to enjoy the best possible experience; creating memories that will last for a long time, perhaps even a lifetime. Playing a major role in getting you from A-to-B, as well as in your enjoyment of your night, will be the transport. This is where a social function taxi can help.

Here at Loddon Cars, we are a vastly-experienced taxi service operating from our base in Berkshire. We regularly serve a wide client base with one-off and repeat work, providing swift, luxury taxis to locations across the area, even for famed London venues such as The O2 and The West End. Regardless if you need a taxi to get you to one of these events, a lift to a party or for a night on the town, we are on hand to provide our customisable service.

Why Would I Need A Social Function Taxi?
London and the South East, in general, is a forever growing metropolis; the opportunities for social functions are plentiful.Whilst the Berkshire area has good motorway and public transport connections, these options throw up many barriers.

Firstly, driving yourself will mean that you will be required to be the designated driver; you’ll have to be responsible to ferry everyone to the event and back. Secondly, the parking! Dependent on where you’re going, the availability of sufficient space can be as difficult as finding that elusive needle in the haystack. If you do find parking, how much would it cost? Especially in London, those costs can soar.

Whilst public transport has the ability to get us around relativity quickly, it doesn’t get us directly to where we need to go. Sometimes (often?) a train, tube,bus or coach can be late, services can be cancelled, many services don’t even run past a certain hour. If that’s the case, you may have to cut your event or party short, effectively cutting your enjoyment short.

You shouldn’t have to do that. With a social function taxi at your disposal,you will have the freedom to enjoy your night out without having to worry about times, closing stations or even carrying any bags back. Hiring a taxi means that the proposed designated driver will be able to enjoy their night too; with everyone able to do so, this may even play more into the group’s enjoyment of the night!

Booking Your Taxi For Your Night Out
Previously, booking a taxi for your night out may have proven difficult; you phone up, with no guarantee of getting through, waiting on the line for a long time, only to be told that no taxis were available at that time. Frustrating. Things have got more sophisticated in more recent years, however – the introduction of better communications and taxi apps have simplified the booking process for customers and taxi firms alike.

As an example, here at Loddon Cars we have a free taxi app,available on the Apple and Google Play stores that you can use to book a social function taxi with. Giving you full control over the booking process, you can customise your journey, which will allow our drivers to automatically know exactly when and where you need to go. With the app, you can also track the progress of the taxi you’ve booked and pay upfront, leaving you to simply enjoy the ride, looking forward to the event ahead.

Choose Loddon Cars For Your Reading Taxi Service
Regardless if you need to make a local trip, or one much further afield – we are here to serve whatever transport requirements you may have. Here at Loddon Cars, we only use a fleet of modern,reliable cars, all of which are fitted with the latest GPS sat-nav technology.This gives our highly-trained and personable drivers the ability to understand their routes, as well as being able to monitor any build-up of traffic,re-routing the journey if needs be, in order to get you to your destination on time.

To book, simply download our app. Don’t have a smartphone? No problem! If you prefer to book taxis the old fashioned way then we have a team of friendly dispatch operators ready to take your call.

Any Question? Get In Touch With Us

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